The Company

The company has been in the Southern Africa packaging industry since 1994. The foundation for our success was providing a product which was technologically advanced and one of a kind. Coupled with personal service and a turnkey solution to our clients, OCC | Plasto-Sac SA quickly became a major player in the industry.

Focusing on Tamper Evident Security Bags, OCC | Plasto-Sac SA has dominated the South African market with its envelock® product, which produced new standards in the courier of valuables and confidential items.

This market required large quantities to be delivered under pressurised time constraints which meant OCC | Plasto-Sac SA evolved further to create our logistics systems whereby we take care of our clients every need.  From forecasting stock usage and stock tracking procedures, to housing and delivering stock for our clients, we managed to create a service which is unmatched.

Working closely with the factory, we at OCC | Plasto-Sac SA developed relationships with tyre manufacturers throughout South Africa for our protective release film products.  Showing improved performance under testing with various factories, our film products were an immediate success and once again, coupled with our ability to deliver service peace of mind, we have maintained a significant client base for 17 years.

Plasto-Sac SA has recently merged with the Cargal, Mor Plastics and Gillis group.  This merger was strategically designed to keep with OCC | Plasto-Sac’s SA high quality manufacturing standards and service levels.  With the merger providing a range of new Flexible Packaging products for the food and beverage and various other industries, OCC | Plasto-Sac SA is expanding further.  Bringing new technologies unseen in the South African market, our products are raising the expectation of the industry.

In marking close on two decades of success in the packaging industry, OCC | Plasto-Sac SA is proud to have been a key player in the South African market, and strives to earn your trust in our company and build a lifetime relationship.