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Flexible pouches provide an alternative to rigid packaging. They offer increased versatility, customer convenience and reduced packaging to assist in storage and transportation.

Pouches also feature a large surface area which allows for more eye-catching graphics.

Stand up pouches are produced out of light-weight laminates and depending on the requirement of the product are made up of high barrier material.

Pouches are produced as Stand Up Pouches, Flat Pouches and Sealed Pouches.


  • Laser Scoring (easy open)
  • Re-Closable Zipper
  • Euro Slot
  • Hanging Hole
  • Microwaveable
  • Reduced transport/shipping cost
  • Many shapes and sizes
  • Good alternative to Aluminium cans and glass
  • Greener packaging
  • Low carbon footprint

Used for:

  1. Fish: Smoked and Fresh Fish
  2. Seafood: Mussels, Crab Meat
  3. Pasta & Noodle Products
  4. Fresh Herbs
  5. Spices
  6. Condiments: Olives, Pickles
  7. Ready to Eat: Sauces, Soups,Marinades
  8. Powders: Meal replacements, Health Foods,
  9. Baking Aids: Baking Powder, Cocoa, Icing Sugar etc
  10. Cereals: Oats, Bran,Granola, Muesli, Puffed Rice etc
  11. Pet Food: Dry and Wet Pet Food
  12. Nuts & Dried Fruit
  13. Pharmaceutical: Gels, Creams etc
  14. Nutriceutical: Vitamins & Minerals
  15. Hardware: Nuts, Bolts, Nails


  • PE
  • PET/PE