OCC | Plasto-sac SA Services

OCC | Plasto-sac SA provide our clients with solutions to all their ordering and logistic needs, our exceptional services include:

Stock Control:

OCC | Plasto-sac SA maintains and controls our clients stock levels by planning and projections. We also ensure we have a min stock level at hand stored in our warehousing facilities, based on agreements with our clients.

Distribution and Storage Facilities:

OCC | Plasto-sac SA have a large storage facility close to the JHB international airport, which our clients stock is under 24 hour CCTV surveillance. At our warehousing facility there are trained personnel that work with our clients stock.


OCC | Plasto-sac SA use a network of logistic companies for deliveries nationwide and internationally, we also have dedicated vehicles for deliveries in the Gauteng area.

Customer Services:

OCC | Plasto-sac SA  have a full logistics distribution office where we have staff dedicated to receiving all orders and are available for any branches to contact Mon to Friday. For emergency calls OCC are available 24 / 7.

OCC | Plasto-sac SA provide our clients with advise on your packaging needs as our packaging specialists have many years experience in the various industries.