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Products for the Tyre and Rubber Industries

R-1, R-5, R-15 and R-20 represent a new generation of protective release film for the rubber and tyre industries. These films are made of specially formulated polyolefin compounds and do not interact with various types of rubber compounding ingredients.

R-Series of OCC | Plasto-sac SA special formulated plain film replaces the regular embossed film.

This efficient solution offers several noteworthy benefits: easy and clean release and peeling, retaining the freshness and stickiness of the rubber compound, prevents pollution, improved mechanical features, economizes volume and storage and enables 100% recycling, with high resistance to heat.

This OCC | Plasto-sac film is more cost effective than the regular embossed film, and are packaged in jumbo rolls of up to 5,000 meters and more. These facts reduce the number of roll changes required, saving time and cost and increasing productivity. The R-1 and R-20 films are provided in a variety of dimensions, width, length, thickness and colours as per customer’s requirements.

R-1 Films

  • Cold calendaring process (up to 40 degrees)
  • Inner liners
  • Side walls
  • Cheffers
  • Gum strips applications
  • Cord calendar
  • Other sticky materials

R-20 Films

  • Hot compounds
  • Inner liners
  • Side walls
  • Cheffers
  • Gum strip applications
  • Cord calendar
  • Other sticky materials

R-15 Films

R-15 is used in enriched compounds of sulphur and cobalt surroundings and prevents oxidation of the rubber surface, especially in steel tyre manufacturing.

R-15 can also be supplied in a thin embossed film for those clients who still want to use embossed.

  • Rich rubber Cobalt and Sulphur compounds such as steel calendaring
  • R-15 prevents blooming

R-5 Films

The R-5, embossed film formulated using OCC ׀ Plasto-sac SA’s unique three – layer co- extruded film and embossing processes:

  • Gumstrip applications
  • Narrow Web Hose and Belting applications
  • Rubber based Roofing materials (finished product)
  • Printer and Copier Roller applications
  • Customer Calendered Materials

EVA Bags

Low melting bags:
Specialized bags for accelerators and special chemicals, designed for the preliminary process of mixing rubber and other materials in the rubber and tyre industries. Manufactured respectively to the different temperatures required to maintain the quality and features of the raw material.

  • Fully compatible with rubber
  • Fully dispersible in high sheer internal – mixer
  • Load capacity: 15kg max.
  • VICAT point: 45 degrees Celsius – 60 degrees Celsius
  • DSC melt point: 76 degrees Celsius – 86 degrees Celsius